Friday, September 20, 2013

How I Lost 50 pounds in 5 months (lost fat, looking fit, eating clean)

I was the fat kid picked last in kick ball and soccer. I was the fat kid at the water park with a t shirt on. I was the teenager who was shy in front of girls. I was , i was , i was ... 
I am the 31 yr old who has goals, how now sets the example in my own family who all had a six pack once in their life, everyone .. except me. but let's see what the future brings!!! Can Iget a six pack by new years 2014???
lets see...

I will update this but I'm 31 years old 5'8 155lbs. 1/2 spanish, 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 White ! Raised in Provo, Ut. Went to Provo High, and had good looking confident friends, and less confident beautiful friends. and.. friends with potential.

Studies show that for my height and age range, a fit Japanese is 130-145-lbs. a fit hispanic 155-165 lbs and a fit American is 170lbs. I also recently had my  Biometric Screening test (begining of Aug. 2013 165lbs), and I was told i was  10 pounds over weight. That was 10pounds ago, so now I'm in the Fit range, and still no sick pack , ahhaha. But, I see it in the near future. 

If you have any insight, comments, please feel free.

Here's my plan! 
Here ya go .. It's simple.

 Here is an updated email!! 50.2lbs lost in 5 months!!
The muerte nutrition plan!! 
Out of 100% of getting fit 
 80% is good nutrition and only 20% is sleeping well and exercise
 That being said!!! All the "gurus" who tell you things about having to "lift" I'm sure is all great ... But I'm living proof to show them.. The easy way !! I know they say no pain no gain!!! ... But it is pain to not eat twizzlers and milk shakes and French fries everyday like I used to!!

It's not so much a diet as is eating clean, 6-8 meals a day( size of your fist) every 1 1/2 to 2 hours, no sweets no breads, no cheese. And one day of the week eat whatever, except desserts and sweets!!  That means my meals are (example) no more than 220 calories per "meal"!! : sausage and bacon,(2 hours later)  granola cereal,(2 hours later) apple(2hl), ,pastrami wrap( tortilla and pastrami slice and mustard and hot sauce with lettus(2hl) beef jerky and almonds(2hl) fruit smoothie which is usually bananas with blue berries or watermelon or for the last meal of the day a salmon party from Costco !!! And I drink a gallon of water a day!!! 

Drink 16 oz of water the second you wake up to hydrate and start your metabolism !!

Remember mustard has no calories!! 

Remember spicy things hot sauce, pepper, ect. Speeds up your metabolism !! 

You can not exceed 2 hours to eat otherwise your body will start storing the food as "emergency fuel" and if you aren't about to go on a run and burn it, your body turns it into your storage( fat) 

It's pretty freaking easy. If I can do it, so can you!! Good luck!! Keep me posted!! Take before and after pics!! 
Also!! The food items are just an example of what I eat, it varies... Some days I will have avocados , grapes, green peppers, broccoli , spinach salads( Costco has amazing salads!!)  good rule of thumb , stay around 90-200 calories per " mini meal" 

The amount of water people over 100 pounds should be drinking is a gallon - a gallon and a half a day! Never pee yellow! 

Don't drink calories! Drink water! It took a week for me to get used to it!! Now I'm not even tempted!

Also!! Understand that sodium is good but not in mass amounts as Americans do!! Sodium, or salt, is in a lot of foods... The more sodium you take in , the more bloated you will look, because it contains the ability to hold on to water.. You will not see results as much. So remember put down the crackers and chips!!

The milk I have with my granola cereal is either soy, wheat, or yummy almond milk.
The caloric intake per day I get is about 1400 my cheat day ( meal/ every week) is about 2800 calories.. 

Don't eat less than 3 hours before you sleep.
I fast once a month, means skipping about 3 meals. So if I eat my first meal at 8:30 then I eat at 4:30 depending on the time. 

If it has a commercial on tv, it's not in my clean eating daily meals!!!

Eat what god gave you!! Veggies, fruits, grains, meats, you can not go wrong with what he gave you, unless you are breaking the wisdom of food rule number one, portion size. The size of your fist is the most your stomach should take in at one sitting/ meal. The rest should be water.

Water helps hydration, which helps your body work properly at 100%, which helps burn fat calories, which helps wash out all the excess sodium, which makes your body more defined, which makes you sexier, which makes everyone around you more happy, even your mirror!! 

Also on cheat days!!! Never ever ever ever go American! And you know exactly what I mean, don't over eat because you think you can. Still use the one fist rule. Now yes you can have a nasty drippy all over the place burger.. Or 3/4 of a burger unless you order without the bun( which I did ) then you can have the full burger. But understand this , I'm a quarter jap, 1/2 mex, 1/4 white.. That means I have a strong stomach, I can eat sea urchins to the worst Mexican food imaginable, to greasy burgers, but your stomach will hurt like a dagger in it. I had a betos burrito( which I used to eat 2-3 times a week) I eat half, and my stomach hurt like the flu for the next 4 hours. So just use your brain. 

Clean eating means say no to the cookies, say no the the cake at everyone's bday party, say no to the ice cream, and all other things with sugar, no mtn dew, no shakes, no hot cocoa, and no chai tea!! I don't care how you justify it. 

Fat doesn't make you fat, sugar does!

Let me school you, if you are eating a banana or an apple or a handful of grapes and water Mellon or any one serving of fruit a day. That's all the sugar you need for 24 hours!!!! ANYThInG additional in the sugar category, is stored !!! Do you know what that means? Merry Christmas to noone!! You just gained weight! And not muscle !! The fructose in fruit serves as a little "functioning caloric burner "with a tad of energy.
FAT!!! Is healthy!!
Yup, punch your mom in the face for lying to you all these years!! Throw your tv in the garbage cause those people lie also!! Your body was made by the creator that gave you beasts foul and fishes!! These meats have healthy fat!! 
There are only 2 types of bodies! Sugar burner, and fat burner! Now !! Read very carefully!!! Most of the people you see, everywhere are sugar burners. Meaning they trained their bodies to burn sugar calories!! Ever seen a skinny chubby person, and your eyes are like.... Whhhhhhaaaaaat? Yeah ... Even if they run everyday, and they still have love handles, or maybe man boobs??? Yeah sugar burner... Or they are really top heavy and have a small butt? Or opposite... They are teeny up top... Then looks like an oddly shaped animal trying to escape out of their pants? Yeah sugar burner... If they even burn all the sugar they intake!!! Here's another sign... Ever get a little tired... Sluggish... Around 3pm and or 6 pm?? Yup merry Christmas ... You are a sugar burner!! And that's not good. But !!! You can change your body to a fat burner!!! As I did 2 and a half months ago!!! Instead of all the sugar !!! Stop! Only one serving of fruit a day!! And have your first or second breakfast for the day be 2 strips of bacon and depending the size of the sausage a full or half. And when you cool it poke fork holes all over and squeeze the grease out with your paper towels. So less grease but still some good fat!! 

Your body can use 2 sources of energy!! Either sugar or fat! If you use sugar you are eating tons of pastas and cookies and ice cream and donuts and all that crap. Yeah I said it ..crap!! Pasta is carbohydrates which breaks down into....???? Yup sugar!! That's why the mom you punched in the face earlier told you as a kid to eat spaghetti before soccer game, or a run, or whatever... Problem is, sugar gives you a teeny burst of energy, then it leaves you so tired you wished you never played soccer!! Your mom should have told you what I'm about to tell you!!! Eat some bacon and sausage!!! Boom!! Never tired!! Never sluggish after 12-24 hours just comfortable !! And here's something to know if you are one of those people who are still chubby and you go to the gym regularly!! You are doing it wrong!! On top of probably eating wrong... You are probably working out wrong!! You can burn calories..... Or you can burn FAT calories!!! You burn fat calories by being a fat burner, and also at the gym if you are using a treadmill high incline and extremely slow... Very very very. Slow( 1.5 mph) for the first 10 mins, then less slow(2.0-2.5mph) then go for for however long you want... More than 45 mins!! Total!! And all those calories will be straight fat calories , and you won't be winded after the workout!!! You will sweat but have your breath!!! Amazing right? 
K remember eat clean, stay clean, workout clean! And dry clean! 
And be fit clean!!

If I remember any thing else I will keep ya posted!!
If you need any help, email me. or coment, i will try to help the best i can. 


  1. And no one should say "well you're a guy, it's easier for men to lose weight than women". Wifey lost 20 pounds doing the same thing (although a little less strict).

  2. Nice work Jared! Inspirational no doubt. I think you and I have exactly the same body type. I mean I look exactly like you do (in your first picture.) I've already started this and I'll update you as I progress!

  3. Jared,

    So nice to share this with the rest of us!! Thanks!! If I have questions I know where to find you :) Great job you too!!

  4. Nice job Jared. Wishing I could do the same thing!!